Our Motto

Our motto is “Only for death is there no solution.”

We would guess you're not browsing these pages because you're short of something to read. You're here for two possible reasons:

One is you've been presented with let's say, a building contract to sign, and been smart enough to seek advice. Good: many disputes have their origins even at this stage.

It's surprising how many people, when presented with a contract and told, "It's a standard thing," meekly comply. The trouble is, there are probably twenty-seven so-called 'standard' building contracts.

To sign one of the biggest legal decisions of your life at the urging of, say, your architect, is the equivalent of letting your lawyer do your house design. (And even we aren't that presumptuous.)

Act Quickly

The other possible reason you've landed on this page is that all of the above has already happened, and now you have a problem; maybe even a mess. Disputes in building and construction can be the most complex and baffling matters in law.

In our experience, the sooner you admit you have a problem, and consult an expert, the sooner you can clearly decide the way forward. Again, we've found the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

First you start to lose money in a battle with, for example, your builder. Then things unravel to the point where you lose the mortgage; then the house; then end up bankrupt and lose everything.

As a firm of specialist solicitors in Building and Construction, we've seen these problems often enough to forge some useful solutions. This isn't just the benefit of experience but of informed expertise. Real estate is not work for the generalist.

In the whole of New South Wales, only a handful of solicitors are accredited by this state's Law Society as Commercial Litigation Specialists in Building & Construction. We are one of these few.

Specialist Skills

Supporting us is a strong research base; vital to real depth of knowledge of the law, on a case-by-case basis. Our computerised library is so extensive that, 25 years ago it might have occupied the entire floorspace of a medium-sized firm.

We're in a position to undertake all aspects, from property purchase, development applications and dealing with Council and building consultants through to contractual issues, conducting arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution; and where necessary, the use of court action (though this is a step we strenuously try to avoid).

Even seemingly 'straightforward' matters, like conveyancing, are carried out by fully qualified solicitors. Many firms will use conveyancing clerks who, however much they're experienced, don't have the same obligations as lawyers who are, in effect, Officers of the Court. (Cut-price conveyancers also tend to prove indadequate to the task of litigation.)

Each step of the way, Watson & Watson Solicitors inspire confidence.

Affordable Expertise

We search for the most cost-efficient approach. Litigation of any sort is never cheap; yet, it is not our desire to extract the most money, but to keep costs realistic.

One way we achieve this is to cultivate a base of clients that actually pay. Much of our caseload is referred and repeat business. Loyal clients tend not to get scheduled rate increases; they get credit, in both senses.

In litigation, time itself is a significant cost. There are no safe, cheap shortcuts to thoroughly understanding a problem and assembling all of the facts, brick by brick.

Client Focus

All that said, the biggest cost of all may well be emotional. Litigation is one of the most stressful aspects, not just of law, but of life. Hence, our focus on the most beneficial outcomes for the you, the client.

To that end, our principal, Richard Watson, fields initial enquiries, considers all matters of concern, so all issues are carefully weighed. We carry insurance against error, but have never needed to make any payment in that regard in over 20 years we've practised.

To sum up: If yours is a special problem, get some specialist advice, and soon. Certainly, in making an initial enquiry, you have nothing to lose - which is better than the other alternative.


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