How to choose a Building & Construction Lawyer

Qualities to look for when selecting a Building & Construction Lawyer

1. Experience

There are many intricate aspects to Building & Construction law. An experienced Building & Construction lawyer will be familiar with the nuances that may result in you achieving your desired outcome. Especially as Building & Construction law can change frequently, it is important to engage a Building & Construction law specialist with sound awareness and knowledge of any legislative changes to provide you with first class service.

Hint: Ask the partner in charge whether they would choose the solicitor who was in their office to undertake the matter on behalf of their best friend or colleague?

Hint: Ask the solicitor whether they have experienced a similar matter to yours recently and if the answer is yes, ask what the outcome was in that situation.

2. Outcomes Focused

We all engage lawyers for a particular purpose. You should retain a lawyer who is outcomes focused and goal driven. Your lawyer will strive to achieve your objectives without wasting time and money on undertaking work that is off course and unnecessary.

Hint: Ask your lawyer how your objective is to be achieved.

Hint: If you think the lawyer has lost sight of your goals why not ask them how the work they are undertaking will advance your matter.

A lawyer that communicates with you in a timely and comprehensive manner will ease the pressure off you and instil confidence in you. It is important for you to be informed every step of the way so that you are in a position to provide the lawyer with your instructions.

Hint: Before you engage a lawyer ask them how they intend to keep you informed.

4. Strategy

Often the outcome of a case depends on the strategy the lawyer has employed. You want to retain a lawyer who can determine the right strategy to employ in your circumstances. Your lawyer should be able to advise you on different methods to resolve the matter.

Hint: Ask the lawyer what are the options and alternatives and how are they to be achieved.

5. Commitment of Adviser

Building & Construction law proceedings can be highly stressful and emotional for you and your entire Building & Construction. A lawyer that understands and empathises with your personal, confidential circumstances will seek to realise your objectives with the utmost drive and passion.

Hint: See how the lawyer responds when you share with them an anecdote that has significantly impacted you.

6. Professional

A Building & Construction lawyer who maintains professionalism in what can be emotionally exhausting circumstances will be able to furnish you with objective advice that is a reflection of their expertise and professionalism.

Hint: Ask the lawyer have there been any successful claims made against them and if yes, how many.

7. Cost

Litigation can become drawn out and expensive. Engage a lawyer who provides you with a comprehensive breakdown and estimate of their costs. Also bear in mind that whilst experienced and specialist lawyers may charge a higher hourly rate, they are able to complete work more efficiently than others.

Hint: Ask for a breakdown of estimated costs if different resolutions are achieved, i.e. contested court hearing, mediation or settlement.

8. Continuity of Adviser

Some firms have a high turnover of lawyers which may increase your anxiety and costs and decrease the communication, professionalism and delay outcomes.

Hint: Ask the lawyer who is going to do the work, who is going to be your contact for the work?

Hint: Ask the lawyer about the frequency of staff turnover


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