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Hi Richard

Thank you for your assistance. Had we had more time on our side we were confident in your approach and would have engaged you.

We will keep your details on file for other matters as we do like your approach.

Warm Regard


Hi Jacqui
Thank you for your assistance during this matter.
I very much appreciate all involvement with this matter over the time.
Once again thank you.



Many thanks to Richard and the entire team. Should we require additional services, we will revert back.
We also will highly recommend your services to our colleagues and friends.



Dear Richard, 
We thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Should an issue arise we will be sure to be in touch.



Hi Richard, 
I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you for your professional support this year and generous manner of charging.
Best regards



Dear Richard, 
I could never have got any action on this myself so I thank you very much for your work.
Thank you again for your great work.



Dear Richard, Shereen and Judy
Joseph and I are deeply thankful for your knowledge and expertise of the law and the great outcome.

Many thanks


Hi Shereen,
I would like to thank you sincerely for the time and effort you put in when dealing with our enquiries and for arranging the Zoom meeting with Richard.
It was that meeting that gave us the information needed to reach our decision.
Kind regards


Dear Richard and Judy,
Thank you very much for your hard work.  We greatly appreciate.
Kind regards


Thank you for your time & effort, it has enlightened us to what should have been done & given us clarity on what has happened.
You were the only ones that really helped us.
Kind regards
L & R


Please thank Richard for his excellent advice. I have received my occupation certificate without incurring much expense.
Very happy.
Kind Regards


Hi Richard
I want to thank you and your team for all your hard work over 1.5 years in helping me with my case. My DA is now approved.
Mt Pritchard


Dear Justin
Thank you very much for the email and the up date.
Much appreciated for the quick response to this case.


Dear Shereen
Thank you for contacting me and yes I can confirm that the matter is resolved and do appreciate Richard’s time and the teams assistance in this matter.


"Richard was very helpful and informative in putting us in the right direction in relation to what we should be doing next with regards to getting the defects repaired etc and the pros and cons of litigation, with the end result of cases like these being the possibility of being left with high legal bills and no resolution.  We are very grateful for his honest opinion and advice. Again many thanks to Richard for his expert advice and support."


"Hi Justin and Richard,
Great thanks for you and your team excellent support!
Good weekend. 


"Thanks a ton Jacqui for handling this for us.
Going out of your way and fixing issues yourself for us is highly appreciated."
AB of Sydney


"Good afternoon
Thanks you very much for your good efficient service.
Surely we will ask for your advice if required in future.
JF of Sydney


"Dear Richard and Nicholas
Thank you very much for your fine work in attempting to recover funds for us from builders and others following the collapse of our hot water pipes.
I really appreciate how you dealt with us.  You were diligent and fair but in the end helped us make a judgement about what was best for us.
I will have no hesitation in recommending you as lawyers for people with similar strata difficulties.
Every blessing for Christmas and the New Year."
AM of Owners Corporation Strata Committee


"Thanks Jacqui for being so accommodative and going beyond your usual work to get things done.
Really appreciate it. Regards"
AB Strata Plan of Sydney


"Hi Shereen
Thanks for following up. Yes at this stage the matter has now been resolved.
Thank you and Richard for your help in this matter. Much appreciated."
Regards MC of Wahroonga


"Dear Richard
Thank you very much for your professional advice. I really appreciate all your help."
JW Strata unit owner of Sydney


"Dear Richard
We greatly appreciate the manner in which you have treated us in all areas of our matter."
JK of OC Strata Scheme/Ryde


"Hi Richard and Shereen
I'd like to thank you both very much for your time and advice in relation to our NCAT matter.
We were impressed with your thinking and recommendations, and do appreciate all the thought you put into the conversations and meetings with us.
We will definitely be keeping you in mind for future matters, where possible/necessary.
Many thanks again and all the best."
EL of Bondi


"Dear Nicholas,
I read your brief after the meeting.  It is very good.
The main point of this note is to say thanks for your thorough work.
Best wishes"
AM of Sydney


"Dear Richard
We are writing to thank you for your professional advice and kind help provided to us to get our issue with the builder resolved.
Without your support we would not have achieved this outcome."
NR & KR of Sydney


"Dear Richard
I am overwhelmed by the letter you have written. I can't thank you enough for your genuine concern and care for the position we were in. I was beside myself with worry. The relief I felt when I read your incredible letter was amazing. Thank you!!"
SP – Sydney

14-June-2017 Tribunal Appeal

“I wish to thank Mr. Richard Watson for his prompt assistance and excellent advice.  I have no hesitation in recommending his Company.”
P Tang – Kingsford

1-May-2017 Strata Matter

"Hi Richard
The information within your letter and also your conversation last week was incredibly helpful and very insightful.
We are both very grateful, thank you!
IT of Northern Beaches

16 May 2016

Thank you for your great assistance – You have handled my matter as if it were your very own – it is much appreciated.
MA of Sydney

12 May 2016

“Dear Richard
Thank you for the further advice – you did a fantastic job on my first matter – you are the only solicitor I feel confident enough to trust.
MM of Sydhey”


"Dear Richard I would like to thank you and your staff for helping us review, interpret and deal with proposed strata by laws drafted by our building's body corporate, at such short notice. By directing us to articles within the strata schemes management act we were able to successfully argue the removal and amendment of several of the proposed laws which concerned us, and made us more confident in dealing with such issues in the future. We will be sure to contact you in the future should we require representation or advice on similar legal matters.
Yours sincerely
DD And AW Dee Why"


“I was faced with a legal matter relating to strata law and needed urgent advice to determine what my rights were.  I was being pressured from multiple sides and needed the right information urgently. 
I found Watson & Watson on the internet, and utilised their on-line chat support to launch my query.  Within a matter of minutes, Shereen Da Gloria (Practice Manager) phoned me personally to talk about my case.  Given the urgency of my situation, Richard Watson (Principal) took the call himself and patiently listened to my circumstances.
I realise that it is not common practice for lawyers to provide advice on the phone (particularly on the first consultation), but this was not my experience with Watson & Watson.  Richard listened and provided sound advice during our phone call.
Thank you very much to the Watson & Watson team for your generosity and for your advice.  It is during tough times that people need compassion and a helping hand – and this is what you have given me.
AL of Sydney"


“Dear Richard
We would like to thank you very much for representing us in our recent proceedings. It is an enormous rod off our backs to have it behind us and we really appreciate the careful thought and effort you put into the appeal process for us.
Kind regards


Dear Richard
Big strides yesterday. Thank you again. You were perfect. We might even get through it without compulsory management.
I've dropped a note to Emmanuel too. It's nice to have him along. It's very reassuring to have you all fully briefed and ready to go. Even better when not needed!
Best Regards

- PZ


Just wanted to thank Mr Richard Watson for his advice. My issue has not concluded with my Builder as yet, but soon will I’am sure.  If not, I certainly will be back to commence proceedings. Please pass on my gratitude thus far.
Best Regards

- MA of North Shore


We would also like to personally thank you and all the staff at Watson & Watson who have been involved, for handling our case with professionalism, whilst respecting the difficult situation we have been put in over the past three years. Without your expertise I don't think we could have achieved this result.
Once again, we are appreciative of your help,Thank you.

- M & KY of Sydney


Dear Richard
We would like to thank you and the team for the outcome to the Community Association complaint and litigation.

We are extremely happy with the result and hope that we will not have any further harassment from this group.

Kind Regards

- RH of Sydney


I spoke to Richard Watson on the phone regarding a CTTT noise dispute we were involved in with a neighbour in a heritage listed apartment block in Cremorne Point for some time.

He gave us down to earth advice which allowed us to negotiate with our  neighbour finally resulting in an amicable settlement and withdrawal from the CTTT.

We cannot speak highly enough of Richard and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone involved in a similar dispute.

- N.C, Cremorne Point


"Richard Watson recently acted for our company in an Adjudication Application matter against a major government authority and the outcome of the Adjudication Determination that was achieved was far above our expectations. This was due unequivocally to his dedication, skill, attention to detail and focus given to our matter. He kept us informed every step of the way and this meant we had less cause for concern. Experienced solicitors with the right intellect and bed side manner are few and far between however Richard Watson is on that short list. A job well done by an outstanding professional committed to his area of expertise."
- C.F, Sydney


"Watson and Watson acted for us in a building dispute, Richard was highly recommended to us as being the best construction lawyer. Shortly after meeting with Richard it was obvious to us that Richard was very experienced and thorough when preparing evidence in our case. We found Richard to be very reassuring in this difficult period of our lives. Richard was always willing to consult with us regarding any of our concerns.

As our case progressed Richard was very shroud in the way he counteracted the aggressive and uncompromising nature of the other party, this was of great benefit, as a result he was able to minimise the length and cost of the proceedings by having the other party agree to mediation. At mediation Richard proved to be a very experienced, firm, persuasive negotiator.

Richard’s extensive knowledge of building law allowed him to control the direction of negotiations. Richard was able to achieve a positive outcome for us. We highly recommend Richard and will use him for all future legal advice.

We again thank you very much for your assistance during a difficult time in our life."

- A.B, Sydney


"Thank you Shereen.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and your firm.
Thanks for everything, and best wishes to everyone there.
Kind Regards,"
- M.G, Sydney


"Richard is a phenomenal force.  I have worked with Richard on two cases now.  One a family law case and one a construction law case.

He works with the might of the law and you feel it.  However his personality and style make for an amicable and comfortable process which is very much appreciated particularly if you are in difficulty.  He puts his heart into the case and is genuinely passionate about achieving the best outcome.

In difficult matters Richard has a rare ability to take the sting out of the situation both with you and the other party which allows for a smoother negotation and arbitration process.  In my experience minimising the need to go to court and thereby avoiding lengthy fee charges and escaling costs.

Richard is morally correct, forthright and a person of integrity.  When the heat is on and the weight in your favour it is easy to take advantage and exploit the situation (especially if the situation has become enflamed).  I have found Richard’s instinctual internal keening and strong moral compass invaluable in helping me make right decisions in the heat of the moment rather than wrong one which I would regret later; while still maximising the outcome.

He is fair.  He takes a fair approach to a situation which means you are represented well.  You will often find him consulting to the representation of the other party.  This is down to his experience level which is generally unmet by many of his colleagues in both the family law and construction law industry.  On both occasions this gave me confidence and strengthened my resolve for a better outcome which was achieved.

He works with unsurpassed deftness without difficulty and his knowledge of the law is unfaltering.

In both casesd what was required, was knowledge, strength, experience,ingenuity, intelligence, a resepct for the law and more experience.

At the end of the day, on all accounts, my lawyer was better."
- R.L, Sydney


"Dear Richard, I would like to thank you for your professional manner in which our request for advice was handled by yourself. Although we have been lucky enough and not had to pursue further legal actoin, we now have a much better appreciation of the process. Hopefully we will never have cause to travel this way again. Still it doesn't hurt to have a gun handy when you're operating in a jungle."
- B.M, Sydney


"Dear Hannah Please pass on my thanks to Mr Richard Watson for his advice regarding the HWS over flow pipe coming through my ceiling from another unit. I really appreciated his help and thank you for the material you emailed. Kind Regards"
- T.B, Ettalong



"Thank you for excellent work!!"
- T.M, Sydney


"If Richard is also happy I put my trust in him and his team to proceed with the reply"
- A.D, Sydney


"Dear Jacqui
Yes thank you !
Very reliable woman aren't you?"
- T.M, Sydney


"Hi Jacqui/Richard, 
I would like to thank you for you help and all the things you have done for me.  
- J.T, Sydney


"Any way Richard, I just wanted to thank you very much for your support with this and your excellent advice."
- R.L, Sydney


"Hello Richard
Thank you for your time and effort in assisting me reach a common sense result.

Kind regards"
- P.K, Sydney


We appreciate all the work you have done for us in this case.

Kind regards"
- H A, Sydney



Please pass out thanks to all at Watson and Watson who have assisted us with this matter.


"Thank you for all your legal support and advice. I appreciate all that you have done, your professionalism and hard work is to be admired. Best Wishes"
- J.M, Rose Bay


I came to a situation where I wanted to settlement the matter and my ex was telling me what was fair and what his lawyers was saying would be the outcome. I was prepared to accept that settlement to get out of the situation. However Watson & Watson helped me through the process. The initial problem was that my ex would provide no information and kept saying that I would get nothing. The process was simplified and the information was provided and thereafter resolution was achieved on a fair informed basis well in excess of the amount that had been previously offered. I am grateful to Watson & Watson.


Dear Mr Watson

I sincerely thank you for kind and supporting letter in regards to the interest that I have with improving the outcomes for tilers undertaking their work. Your support provides me with more confidence and again I thank you for taking the time to write to me on these matters.
Building Expert Sydney


"Hi Guys
This looks perfect. Please proceed.."
- G.D, Sydney


"Thanks for all your work the other day, much appreciated."
- G.N, Sydney


"Hello Richard
Thank you for your time last week, my brother found it very helpful."
- R.K, Sydney


"Richard is our trusted advisor with all legal matters relating to construction. He has a great reputation and goes the extra mile for his clients.
I highly recommend you give Richard a call and see if there's a fit between your companies."
- N/A, Sydney


"Thank you for the telephone conversation. It gave me direction."
- T.M, Sydney


"Thanks again Richard, great advice as usual."
- B.P, Sydney


Many thanks for taking my call on Friday, your advice was very helpful.

- J.M, Abu Dhabi


"G’day Richard,
Thank you for the win at the Tribunal on Friday...it has helped me out a lot. I also like to thank Dave and Kim for their mountain of paperwork they had to go through just  to build the case."
- G.S, NSW


"It was lovely meeting you, thank you for taking on my case and providing much appreciated support”
- M.R, North Sydney


“Dear Richard,
Many thanks again for all your work on my family law matters & my will.
All the best,
- N.G, Sydney


Many thanks for all your support in securing our unit. We very much appreciate your help. Kind Regards.
- M & C, Hills District


Absolutely fabulous, we are definitely keen on this strategy. Very happy with your process so far. Many thanks again.
- R.E, Sydney


"Thank you for your email and effort to help me... I do not know what I would have done without you."
- K.S, Byron Bay


"Thanks for yesterday, great advice and some more clarity in my mind on how we will be proceeding."
- P.B, Sydney


"Richard. Many thanks. We are very appreciative of the professional assistance given to us in relation to our claim for defective building works. With your professional help we were able to come to a satisfactory resolution to our long standing problem"
- J.H, Gosford


"Many thanks for all the work & effort you have done to help us secure our unit. We very much appreciate the time you have taken."
- M.C, Sydney


"I am personally grateful for the effort put into this by all concerned. I do believe the issues have been thoroughly aired and we can now finalise the matter."
- J.T, Sydney


We wish to thank you for the efficiency you have displayed in the Conciliation Conference and for settling the matter for us."
- Holden Barlow Solicitors, Perth


"Thanks again for all your help. You've been an absolute delight to deal with."
-B.M, Sydney


"Thank you for your advice and taking my case in this matter. Peter has spoken so highly of you."
- S.Y, Sydney


"Wonderful news!
Thank you kindly for your great work, I am so very pleased and thrilled with the result.
My life is so much brighter and we can stay here in Australia.
All my family are grateful and so happy."
- L.S, Sydney


"I would also like to acknowledge all your expertise and hard work."
- P.L, Sydney


"Just to say a big thank you for today! I am delighted with the result."
- J.M, Eastern Suburbs


"I am writing to send my deepest thanks for yesterday's outcome. Your efforts in pressing the case have been nothing short of magnificent.

I have been (in part) of a mind set that defeat and rejection was to be my soul mate on this issue. But yesterday's fine transition from nothing to something is such an incredibley happy outcome. Your considered opinitions, general care and legwork, as a commmiteed and compassionate advocate will stick as a life long memory. I feel extremely fortunate and proud of what has been achieved.

I understand too, with the joy comes the responsibility. The message of dilligence is not lost and is branded into the forefront of my mind.

Yours in sincere thanks."
- D.G, Sydney


"Excellent! Progress. The ball is in your court. Congratulations."
- M.D, Sydney


"Despite trying very hard to come to amicable agreement we found ourselves in the dreadful position of constant intimidation correspondence from the solicitors of the buildings who undertook residential renovations. As a result I instructed Richard Watson to act in the matter. It turned out that having a firm of solicitors highly experienced and qualified in the very complex area of building law proved essential and indeed saved the day. This together with their kindness and open and honest frankness made something that was looking impossible into a great success."
- M.N, Eastern Suburbs


"The letters to the solicitors on the other side are perfect. Please send it."
- C.F, Lower North Shore


"Thank you very much for you have done job for me!"
-S.L Parramatta


"We greatly appreciate the efficiency and also the time to see us the Tuesday night before we exchanged contracts. We moved in on the weekend and are very happy."
- PB-H, Lower North Shore


"I appreciate the professional assistance given."
- D.D, South West Suburbs


"You have been wonderful and worth every penny."
- P.H, Canada


"I'd just like to say a big thank you!
I appreciate your help and patience throughout."
- J.F, Eastern Suburbs


"Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- Z.H, Sydney City


"I found myself in a difficult situation and was fortunate to engage Richard Watson of Watson & Watson. Richard helped explain the options and alternatives available to me and the likely outcomes having regard to all matters to be taken into account. Richard helped me come to a very satisfactory resolution of the matters and as a result I have been able to secure accommodation for myself and children in the local district in a relatively short period of time. In addition to the advice as to the various alternatives, options and likely outcomes I found Richard caring.

Throughout when things were difficult Richard was a steady influence so that I could achieve the optimum outcome for all concerned. I recommend Watson & Watson for any other person in similar circumstances. "

-S.J.G Cremorne


"Just would to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I will never forget your kindness and generosity - and strength at times I feel you worked with the mighty Lord - quite testifying!
I have so much gained from the experience in many ways."
Best Wishes and Many Regards,



"Hi Richard ,
This is just a brief note of thanks for taking care of me through this horrible situation.
I know you are a pro but for those of us that are faced with the reality... it's scary & sad. "

Best Regards,


"I was in a position that I had exchanged on the purchase of a property and I had agreement from my ex for funding the purchase, however, after I exchanged to purchase, my ex changed his verbal agreement. I came to Watson & Watson as my daughter had received a very good outcome with understanding. Watson & Watson in a very short period of time achieved a cost effective settlement which allowed me to complete my purchase. Their experience relating to various alternatives gave me other alternatives and allowed me to conclude the finalization of the property matter with my ex and the purchase of the property in a very short period of time and to my utmost satisfaction."
-K.S  Leura


"Watson & Watson have performed exceptionally in a cost effective manner for the Bank for in excess of 20 years and never recovered less than expectations. Their work is professional, cost effective and always above expectations. In all my years with Watson & Watson the Bank has only lost one case and that was the first case in which I was at the Bank instructing another solicitor for the Bank and Watson & Watson acted for the customer against the Bank, our solicitor lost, Watson & Watson acting for the customer against the Bank WON."

"I have been instructing legal firms in relation to litigation and recovery actions for the Bank for more than 20 years. Richard Watson and his team are result driven. The costs on a case by case basis is significantly less than other firms which I instruct from time to time on behalf of the Bank."

-H.B Bank Sydney


"Dear Richard,,
Many thanks for all that you have done.
It is been a fantastic result."

Thank you
Best Wishes"

-R.L Surry Hills


"My family bought property in the 1950's and registered it in the name of my brother. My brother assumed ownership of the property. Nothing was done until Richard Watson became involved and the matter was settled with a substantial payment to me, more than doubling my ample wealth."
-L.S Canberra


"I was concerned as to the costs of the process. Watson & Watson are focused on results and means by which I could provide information required which assisted in a cost effective resolution. Watson & Watson assisted in identifying the issues, alternatives and options and what was the best way to resolution."


"I went to two other solicitors and then Watson & Watson before making a decision. Watson & Watson raised issues that other solicitors had not thought of. Richard Watson explained clearly issues relating to spousal maintenance that may arise now and in the future and a method of protection from future claims. Not only did Watson & Watson deal with the immediate needs but took steps relating to protection in the future and advice in relation to estate and other matters following the break up of my relationship. I have recommended Watson & Watson for others int he unfortunate position of break up of their relationship."
-A.L Pymble

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