Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Richard Watson has over 20 years experience in commercial litigation relating to bankruptcy & insolvency, and has helped many business' deal with their financial difficulties.

When a business faces financial difficulty, a number of critical decisions need to be made by directors, stakeholders, financiers and advisors. Quite often, those decisions need to be made extremely quickly and under a fair amount of duress. The consequences of these decisions can have an impact on everyone involved with the business.

With the right advice from a lawyer with expertise in bankruptcy and insolvency matters, Watson and Watson's clients are well informed of all the possible outcomes prior to making these critical decisions.

Our Bankruptcy & Insolvency Legal Services

Watson and Watson can assist you to pursue and recover payment of debts from individuals, companies and partnerships including whereby you need to take enforcement action to:

  • seize and sell assets,
  • seek garnishee orders
  • bankrupting the debtor

Watson & Watson have experience acting on behalf of debtors providing services such as negotiating and drafting insolvency agreements which reduce the likelihood and often prevent an individual from becoming bankrupt.

We can assist creditors of companies take steps to liquidate a debtor company, appoint a liquidator, or to pursue directors for breaches of their duties to the company including where directors allow a company to trade or incur debts whilst insolvent.

We also act for liquidators recovering debts owed to the company and recovering funds from directors in circumstances where they have breached their duties to the company. Similarly we can also assist companies and their directors resist claims from creditors and liquidators and draft proposals to creditors such as deeds of deeds of company arrangement that reduce and often prevent a company from going into liquidation.

If you would like to know your legal position regarding a bankruptcy or insolvency matter, then contact Watson and Watson for some obligation free advice. Call us on 02 9221 6011.


  • 30/09/2010
    Watson & Watson act on behalf of the Home Owner in relation to a claim against a Builder which became insolvent and was unable to complete their many projects. Generally, Creditors were out of pocket and an arrangement was entered into in which some Creditors would rank in the administration and some homes which were incomplete would be completed, in effect, with the assistance of the insurer under the Home Warranty Insurance.

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