Practice Areas

Watson & Watson specialise in Family law, Building & Construction, Commercial Litigation and Trade Practices - with over 25 years of experience in these legal areas.

In addition to Family Law and Building and Construction law, Watson & Watson offer expert legal representation and advice in the areas of Commercial litigation & Disputes, Company Law, Trusts & Partnerships, White Collar Crime, Conveyancing, Insolvency and Wills & Probate.

Family Law - Expert Family Lawyers

Family law and de facto relationship matters are managed by Richard Watson. Richard has over 25 years of general litigation experience in the areas of family law property settlement and de facto relationship matters.

For more information on specific areas of Family Law, please choose from the list below:
     • Family Law Overview            • Property Settlement
     • Child Custody                        • Family Court Representation
     • Divorce & Separation            • Spousal Maintenance
     • De facto Relationships

For more information on Family Law & our Family Lawyers visit our Family Law website

Building & Construction Law

Richard Watson is regarded by his peers as one of Australia's most experienced and capable lawyers in building and construction related matters.
Watson and Watson provide expert legal representation and advice for all aspects of building and construction law including:
     • Building Agreements
     • Defective Building Works
     • Claims under Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act
     • Development Applications & Propery Development matters
     • NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCT)

White Collar Crime, Fraud, Council Prosecutions - Expert Criminal Lawyers

Criminal law matters are undertaken by Kim Gourlie. At Watson & Watson, criminal matters involving alleged white-collar crime are not handled by commercial litigation lawyers who do not possess the skills required to protect such clients – with over 20 years of experience in dealing with such matters, Kim has a proven track record of success in criminal law, providing confidence, understanding and unrelenting representation to our clients.

Property Matters

Property matters are handled by Richard Watson. Although often times property matters can be regarded as straight forward this is not always the case. For clients involved in difficult disputes, we use experienced solicitors. Richard brings a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years experience in handling such matters.


Richard has, for more than 20 years, been involved in advising insolvent companies, individuals, liquidators, receivers in all areas and also a major bank in relation to recovery of non performing loans.

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