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Strata Law – new options for owners regarding pets


The model rules on keeping of pets provide as a first option that it is possible for owners or occupiers of lots to keep animals so long as those owners or occupiers give written notice of their intention and they make sure the animal stays within the lot, is supervised on common property and the owner cleans up common property areas if required.

The second option provides that an owner or occupier may keep an animal as long as there is written approval of the owners corporation and the owners corporation does not unreasonably withhold its approval for the keeping of that animal and must give written reasons for any refusal.

The process for use of the model laws is to ask the strata scheme to adopt them.  The Owners Corporation for existing strata schemes must opt in to change the by laws if the Owners Corporation wishes the model rules by laws to apply.

The model rules can also be adopted by default for new strata schemes. That is, once a new strata scheme is registered, then the model rules will apply unless the strata scheme decides otherwise.

Watson & Watson strata solicitors can provide specialist legal advice on strata law matters, assist you in resolving disputes in strata schemes, advise on court/tribunal process and draft documents and attend on court/tribunal if required.  Please feel free to contact Richard Watson or his assistant Shereen Da Gloria should you have any enquiries regarding “model rules” in strata schemes in relation to your pet.

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